Making a difference

Two years ago, Touchline launched Philanthropy Age magazine. Published quarterly, in English and Arabic, and working hand-in-hand with a regularly updated website, this wonderful title is dedicated to the encouragement of thoughtful giving.

What makes this project so special, and so personal to me and my team, is that we do not seek profit from this title, but simply to make a positive difference to the world in which we live.

Philanthropy Age targets the rulers, the ultra wealthy, large family businesses, corporates and influencers in the Middle East and wider MENA region, informing the giving of these traditionally generous benefactors, and urging the best return on their charity so that they can make the biggest impact with donations.

Has it worked? Initially, some were sceptical, unconvinced that we would be able to engage with the deeply religious Arabic elite, who are often highly guarded about their giving. I am thrilled to report that on our second birthday, we are indeed engaging with those that can, and frequently do, make a difference. Happily, they were soon convinced to talk about their own philanthropy, and the great causes they support, in order to encourage others to think more about their giving, and ultimately do more.

We are very proud of this initiative. The hope now is that we can continue to make a difference in these most challenging times, not just in the Middle East, but elsewhere by extending the geographical footprint of this remarkable title.

Leonard Stall
Group CEO and Editor in Chief