The changing face of media agencies

A decade ago you might have described Touchline as a traditional European customer publisher.

But with the changing media landscape, the business has rapidly evolved into something far larger, with operations in some of the most dynamic and interesting cities anywhere in the world.

And our current portfolio of services is almost entirely unrecognisable from when Touchline started trading in 1999.

Great content is still at the heart of the business, but we deliver it in a dizzying amount of languages, and across an ever-increasing number of platforms: for publications, newsletters, reports and books; and for websites, social media and digital marketing campaigns that we also manage on behalf of our amazing client base.

Today we have a large design studio, a team dedicated to translation and expertly crafting the words we author and commission in 17 languages, full-time staff specialising in content, communications and design in Mandarin, French and Arabic, as well as an award-winning digital team that delivers everything from websites for government entities to outstanding interactive, cutting-edge digital magazines.

And today, we are able to create world-class brands, illustrate, animate, video and produce.

But, content is still king, and without a compelling story written by experts, we would not have caught the eye of governments, strategic communications companies and organisations like the International Olympic Committee – one of our first clients, and working more closely with us than ever today.

Leonard Stall
Group CEO and Editor in Chief